Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking 

“An Evening with Mark Pinnock, elite mountaineer & business owner ‘Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude’

Mark is a confident and accomplished  public speaker who offers engaging insight into his 7 summit achievement. With focus on how adapting the right positive attitude influences the outcome, his story has been an inspiration to many of the groups that have heard it.

When business commitments allow, Mark is still available to speak at events and conferences. His content is suitable for a wide range of audiences, including business events, networks, conferences, membership events, awards ceremonies and more. 

What They Say

Thank you personally for your contribution to our Business, Hospitality & Tourism and Law Young Persons University. The event was very successful and your presentation received very positive feedback from all students.

Once again on behalf of the department of Widening Participation & Outreach thank you for helping to make it such a successful event

Renata Eyres

University of Surrey

Thank you so much for your hugely inspiring seminar presentation at our recent Business Network event! It was so well received by all who attended and the feedback has been excellent.

You are amazing! You sent many members away with new energy and focus to continue growing their businesses and lives. Your support in this way is truly appreciated.

Helen & Russell Bennett

The Business Network London

The occasion was a very inspiring and memorable one, and especially for the Essex armchair mountaineers amongst the audience. We were truly honoured that you were able to address us.

I hope to see you again soon, and wish you all the very best for your future plans including your next seven mountain summits, and your wedding later this year! May you go from strength to strength!

Nigel Bacon

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce

Feedback from an Apple event

The highlight for me personally was hearing about Marks amazing story, it makes you realise what you are capable of if you believe in yourself.

Mark Pinnock engaged the audiences and managed to strike a chord with the people who all have very different types of backgrounds.

I loved his every man personality making his achievements, although still amazing, seem somehow achievable if you have the right attitude

I like how the guy who did the 7 summits referred back to every day life skills when talking about the mountains. I feel inspired to do something.


Mountain Climber, Distance Runner, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Successful Businessman.